Factors To Consider Before Buying Beats Online

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For many people, buying beats online is one of the most popular and secure ways of purchasing beats digitally. Let’s face it, online shopping has been a highly prevalent activity, especially with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Buying beats online is something you should consider! Here are some factors to think about when you are buying beats online.

Consider Lease Vs. Exclusive Rights When Buying Beats Online

The main factor to consider when you are buying beats online is whether the beat is sold on an exclusive rights basis or on a lease. Leasing rights allow customers to utilize particular beats in a non-exclusive way. Yet, the ownership is still retained by the producer. There is a limited time by which customers can use leased beats as customers are required to purchase a new lease for the same beats. Beats on lease are also being sold to different musicians for different purposes so you may not be the only person using it.

However, all this changes when you purchase an exclusive right to the beats.

Exclusive rights give the customer new ownership of the beats. Exclusive rights also mean that these beats can be used in any way the customer wants it. Beats with exclusive rights also cost more as producers who have these beats also have exclusive rights to do anything they want with them. This brings us to the next point on fees.

Evaluate the Fees When Buying Beats Online

This can be tricky when you are buying beats online. It takes time to weigh out the fees needed to license your instrumental. A large part of this depends on how the beats will be used. For example, producers must consider if the beats are going to be sold online, used as a project, or posted on a platform for anyone to download. As mentioned, the fees to lease beats are lower than buying beats with exclusive rights. The fees range in a wide spectrum from a few dollars right down to thousands of dollars. This also depends on who the producer is as more renowned producers will usually charge more for their beats. If you do not want to break your bank, choose your beats and producer wisely!

When Buying Beats Online, Research on Royalties

Sometimes, you may want to find out if the producer will receive royalties when you are buying beats online. It is common practice for producers to request for half the publishing royalties when the work is done but this can change, depending on how the negotiations go between the producer and the singer. It depends on who will register the finished song with the relevant organizations, such as the ASCAP or SEASAC that allocate the rights to the finished work. Famous producers will usually request for royalty for each beat sold but the amount is also subjective.

Why Choose luke4pres?

At luke4pres, we use PayPal to process online payments, ensuring you have a seamless customer experience when you buy beats online. Buying your first online beat may be confusing, and we hope to address any inquiries you may have. Contact us to discover the beats that you need today!