Custom Beats

luke4pres stands out from the crowd of outstanding musical producers by offering our clients affordable premium custom beats produced with a fast turnaround time. Our services focus on making the beats that our clients need and turning them into hit releases. Our catalog at luke4pres is highly comprehensive to ensure the different musical styles and subgenres of our clients can be closely catered to, but if you need something cooked up from scratch, we got you covered there as well. To learn more about the custom beats that we offer, check out the different sections in the following write-up.

Custom Beats

At luke4pres, we understand the need to be unique to remain relevant amidst the tight competition in the current music industry. To assist our artist clients to stay at the top of their game in their musical pursuits, luke4pres offers custom beats that are created from scratch and can be adjusted according to our clients’ needs. Our main objective is to allow clients to grasp what they truly desire to produce the best songs possible.

Our beats are available online for our clients to listen to and share with their friends to get input on the best ones that match their genre.

Staying Different to Stay Relevant

The beats we produce at luke4pres are unique and best complement hip-hop and its subgenres. However, we know how important it is to be different in today’s music industry. Thus, we are able to match your exact sound by offering adjustments according to your genre needs. Come forward with your ideas and suggestions which are greatly welcomed by luke4pres. We will practice our expertise and efficiency to put forth the best beats that can easily complement your vocals. We stay true to being a versatile production company that does not restrict the creativity of our artist clients. We wish to let them showcase their true identity by letting our beats complement their originality.

Why Choose luke4pres Beats?

luke4pres creates beats that appeal to a wide range of artists who work with several different genres and styles. Our weekly updates to our beat store allow us to efficiently respond to the increasing demands of today’s musical artists who can look forward to at least 3 to 5 new instrumentals each week. Though our rates are affordable, we never take shortcuts on the production of our beats. Today, luke4pres has over a million streams on the beat selling marketplace Beatstars, making us one of the most exclusive music producers to offer rap artists the most current beats that can easily meet their refined tastes in music. With our beats at luke4pres, artists can explore their musical ranges and see their visions for their work come to life.

If you would like to find out more about our custom beats and what we do at luke4pres, contact our Beat Expert today!

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