Superior Customer Support

With the extensive selection of hip hop, trap, and rap beats from luke4pres, artists can gain access to quality sounds at reasonable prices. Our catalog is consistently expanding each week to accommodate the exquisite music tastes of both rising and professional artists. luke4pres offers superior customer support to each of our clients to ensure your music needs are fully met according to your expectations. We are always improving our setup to put forth the exact beats that our clients request.

Superior Customer Support

luke4pres aims to provide superior customer support to our clients by paying real attention to detail. We build up our extensive catalog of beats on a weekly basis to stay relevant with the current rap music industry trends to deliver exactly what our clients are seeking. Our beats always consist of the latest sounds to allow artists to easily mix their songs with premium instrumentals which are relevant to their personal genre. To date, we have collaborated with numerous artists from different music backgrounds and have gained the trust of every single client. The professionalism that we showcase is our main trait that allows us to keep outshining other beat producers in the current competitive music industry. Today, we have surpassed the 1 million stream mark on Beatstars and we believe with the top-notch service we offer, we can easily hit millions of new streams along with the strong support of our loyal clients.

What does luke4pres Beats Provide for You?

To date, we have built an extensive portfolio of both aspiring and professional artists who have always believed in our capability and talent. They have become our regulars through the exceptional service we have provided for them since their very first purchases, enabling them to produce smooth records that are hit releases. We are always improving our production to ensure our clients’ high expectations are always met. By rendering assistance to our clients regardless of the number of beats you purchase, we are building a partnership with you that is based on trust and support. This allows us to collaborate with numerous artists from different backgrounds.

Why Choose luke4pres Beats?

luke4pres offers beats that are produced to appeal to a diverse spectrum of rap and hip hop artists covering a wide range of subgenres and styles. We make it possible to fulfill the increasing demand of music artists by producing  3 to 5 new beats on the regular to ensure new choices are made available each week through our beat store. We never compromise on the sound quality of our beats despite our competitive rates. As of April 2021, luke4pres Beats has amassed over one million streams on Beatstars, placing us among the most sought-after producers in the music industry when it comes to delivering artists with exquisite beats for their refined tastes in music.

If you would like to find out more about our superior customer support and what we do at luke4pres, check out our beat store today!