Special Offers

luke4pres is constantly producing new beats that are relevant in the rap music industry today without being too mainstream. Our instrumentals are unique to match the varying needs of the different hip hop subgenres. Our beat store is continuously offering special deals that can let music artists explore their musical ranges through the additional beats you receive for free with every purchase. To gain the competitive edge in your music production, check out the special offers that luke4pres proposes to artists from any music background.

Special Offers

luke4pres recognizes the need for artists to be distinctive in order to maintain an edge in the evolving music industry, which can be overwhelming with intense competition. To support our client artists in staying current in your respective genre, luke4pres provides special offers of free beats with every purchase. Our key goal is to enable our clients to fully understand what you actually aim to achieve so as to assist you in creating the greatest hits possible.

We provide our clients with a wealth of knowledge that will aid you in your song creation project. In order for our clients to obtain feedback on the very first beats that match your genre, we make our tracks available online for you to listen to and share with your friends to gain insights. Our special deals will allow you to get a sense of the quality of our beats and to choose the right beat for your songs before spending any money on additional beats.

The Competitive Edge

luke4pres produces unique beats that best compliment hip hop and its many subgenres. We have come to realize how vital it is to remain different in order to stay relevant to the music industry today. Thus, by offering you a multitude of beats and accompanying lease options that match your style, we can give you exactly what you’re looking for. You will be able to propose your ideas for the beats available at luke4pres to allow us to incorporate the changes to your beats if you purchase a custom beat. In order to develop the greatest songs, we exercise our knowledge and expertise to support our client’s music production. We remain loyal to being a multi-faceted music production firm that does not limit our artists’ originality. We want to assist you in showcasing your real talent. Start by allowing our beats to complement your vocals.

Why Choose luke4pres Beats?

The main intention of our beat production process at luke4pres is to reach out to artists working in a variety of genres and styles. Because of the weekly update in our beat store, artists are able to efficiently get a hold of new alternatives every week with at least 3 to 5 new beats to match your evolving music creations. Despite the fact that our rates are affordable, the quality of our sound is never compromised. luke4pres now has over a million streams and is considered to be one of the most exclusive producers for musically skilled performers throughout the nation. Musicians can look forward to expanding their musical horizons and increasing the quality of their songs by using our beats at luke4pres.

If you would like to find out more about our special offers and what we do at luke4pres, visit our beat store today!