Steps To Getting Your Music On Instagram Reels & Stories

Instagram is one of the most popular and widely used social media platforms and it is therefore important to know how to leverage it if you are a music artist. Video content is especially important in Instagram, which is widely dominated by stories and reels. By adding your music on Instagram reels and stories, you can connect with your fans, strengthen your brand and capture new fans.

This also helps to promote your music as the videos you create can extend beyond your existing audience through Instagram’s Explore feed. However, not all artists can get their music added to Instagram’s list of songs as they lack the knowledge and information to do so effectively. Here we will discuss the various steps you should take to get your music up and running on Instagram reels and stories.

Instagram’s Music Library

Instagram has its in-app music library. To upload your music to this music library, you have to go through a music distributor service. When you are uploading your music for distribution, check and confirm that you have selected Instagram and Facebook as a store to release your music. This is the only way that you can get your music included in the library upon release.

Additionally, Tunecore and Distrokid have a special partnership with Facebook to make it easier for independent artists to get their music on Instagram. They do this through a program that covers Instagram reels and stories. However, numerous independent artists may find this process frustrating as not all of their music will be pulled from the streaming platforms. They may find that only some of their songs appear on Instagram’s music library while the rest are not there. If you have undergone this process, do not worry as there are steps you can take to ensure that all of your music is included.


Musixmatch is the platform from which Instagram and Facebook obtain their music. The lyrics and music in Instagram stories are therefore acquired directly from the library in Musixmatch.

Musixmatch is a massive music catalog that allows artists to distribute and manage their music and lyric catalog on any international music channel such as Instagram or Spotify. To place your songs in the Musixmatch library, you first need to become a verified artist. This only takes a few minutes and you can refer to the instructions found on the Musixmatch website. Once your account has been verified, you can sync and edit your lyrics to Musixmatch and your music and lyrics will then be linked to Instagram stories and reels. You can also follow the step-by-step guide below.

  • Download the Musixmatch desktop application
  • Sign in with your account
  • Connect your streaming service
  • Play your music or song and the lyrics will show automatically in the app. You can play your song from Spotify or Apple Music
  • If your lyrics are not available, click ‘Add lyrics’ and proceed to manually type our lyrics out
  • Review and edit the lyrics to ensure that everything is correct before syncing them to the platform
  • Start adding your music to your Instagram story and sharing it with your fans and followers