How To Record Over Rap Beats

Microphone in the foreground

Rap beats are one of the most popular beats in the music industry. Refreshing and alluring, nothing beats making your day better with some rap beats. However, how do you record over rap beats? In rap beat recording, microphone technique plays a huge part in producing a good rap beat. Over at luke4pres, we provide ideas on how you can record over rap beats to craft out the best rap beat for your needs using proper microphone techniques. We also have rap beats available for sale!

Spaced Setup

Spaced setup is one of the most basic microphone techniques when artists record over rap beats. A common spaced setup is the AB setup. This is done by putting together two omnidirectional microphones to capture the different signals. How far apart they are dependent largely on the artist. The key is to play with a time differential to produce a subtle playback delay that is easily discernible to the listener’s ears. However, care must be taken to not over-extend the distance between the microphones. Should there be a need to do so, a third central microphone can do the trick.


Coincident setups require two adjacent microphones in varying angles to ensure sound is caught. This is usually done through the XY method to record over rap beats. This method requires directional microphones, and the stereo image is influenced on level differential by putting the microphone’s diaphragm above the other, forming a right angle. Ultimately, the central microphone should point toward the center of the source of the sound.

Near Coincident

Near-coincident setup allows you to have the best of both worlds in terms of level and time differential. Through two directional microphones in the XY formation, except that the diaphragms are separated by seven inches apart, at an angle of 90 degrees or higher. The result is a sharper, wider sound. The stereo image is usually more accurate, and listeners tend to discern the sound better. There are different near-coincident setups, such as the French ORTF which is the most common technique. This usually involves putting the microphone’s diaphragms at an angle of 110 degrees separated by seven inches. The French ORTF may require two microphone stands for it to work. There are other Near-Coincident techniques, such as the Holland NOS or German DIN techniques to record over rap beats.


Binaural is a way to record over rap beats to produce a similar or identical sound that a listener will normally hear. As the human ears are akin to omnidirectional microphones with the head in the middle, the pinnae reflect sound, filter sound, and separate frequencies through the sound source. Binaural setup aims to model the three main systems of natural hearing, namely time, spectral difference, and level. This can be done either through a baffled omni setup or using a dummy head with mic ears.

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