How To Buy Rap Beats: The Producer’s Guide To Sourcing and Buying Rap Beats That Add Value

The question of how to buy rap beats is a common one for many would-be rappers.  For independent artists, finding the right online marketplace to buy beats/instrumentals can be incredibly frustrating due to the over-saturation of the market, which has caused artists to have to deal with less professional and unorganized producers/companies. Luckily for anyone reading this, we will outline which platforms artists can use to find beats, the different types of platforms, and their pros and cons.

Beatstars and Airbit

The two platforms everyone has probably heard about are Beatstars and Airbit. That is because these are the two most popular platforms for producers from all different genres and backgrounds to post their music. Artists wondering how to buy rap beats will be pleased to learn that both of these marketplaces have a vast selection of instrumentals to choose from. 

While it’s excellent that Beatstars and Airbit provide a platform for so many to post their music, having so many producers on one platform means artists will come across wildly differing skill levels, and it can be tough to find a producer with quality material. The best practice on sites like these is to look for quality over quantity

Refrain from being influenced just because someone has a significant placement or they have an extensive catalog. Every artist needs to focus on what that beat can do for them, not what it did for someone else. When artists frequent more commercialized producer’s pages, they risk falling victim to being sucked into a vacuum with other artists who made similar songs on the same beat.

With content I.D. and other music identification services such as Shazam, this can be incredibly damaging to an artist’s credibility. When looking for beats on platforms like Beatstars and Airbit, it is advisable to verify the producer’s identity through social media or email

Each producer’s relevant links should be under or in their bio. It’s always good to know who you are dealing with. Exclusivity does not equate to quality; artists must be able to contact the producer in case they have the wrong files or need further assistance with any other matter.

Social Media Sites Instagram & Facebook

As much as social media can be a way to validate an artist’s identity, it can also be a way to buy music directly from producers, hear their most current work, and see their brand. With this knowledge, you can truly get a feel for the quality of their music, professionalism, and current projects and products and see how and if they engage with their followers. Here you can often see how much they have invested in their beat-selling business and if it is linked in their profile. 

Furthermore, some producers sell beats directly, so reaching out to the producer and buying on Instagram or Facebook is sometimes a way to establish a relationship that wouldn’t have occurred if the artist had purchased the beat differently.

Also, it cannot be stated enough that the artist should ensure the producer has a clear line of communication. For example, it would be incredibly frustrating if, after purchasing a beat, the artist realizes the files are corrupted, or the engineer or artist needs track outs (stems), and the producer who made the beat cannot be reached.

The key to finding the best producers on social media is to look for producers that guarantee a certain standard of quality, are accessible, show they have invested in their business, and talk about what they can do for the artists. Producers who provide value to artists and are accessible are great matches for most aspiring artists and those solidified in their careers.

Additionally, producers who have invested in branding, advertising, and equipment, demonstrate a dedication to their business and not just their craft and typically have dedicated customer service hours to handle any issues consumers of their products might have.

Many producers with a more professional online image work with musical artists, filmmakers, record companies, and well-known producers. Additionally, these producers are often professionally trained, mix their music to higher quality, and provide Radio-ready or Spotify-solid tracks.


When it comes to the question of how to buy rap beats, almost every artist has searched for beats/instrumentals on YouTube. However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t still value because there are plenty of excellent beats on YouTube, and many more will follow. That being said, there are a few things to watch out for. Videos and channels with abnormally high view counts and few likes usually mean that a bot has visited the video, and those views are artificial. While not always true, it can be something to look out for.

Type beat videos, which are beats made to sound like a specific artist, are great for targeting a particular style. Still, as mentioned earlier, verifying the producer’s identity and looking for that quality, professionalism, accessibility, and value is always essential. The link to their social media pages and marketplace should be in the description of each video and the “about” section on their YouTube channel page.

However, the link you should click if it is accessible is their business or Direct-To-Consumer website link. These are websites where the producer will sell directly to the artist or consumer. Producers who have made this extra step to make a platform to sell beats outside an already established marketplace are often the best producers for independent artists. That is because these websites also allow artists to get an in-depth view of their beats and personality, add services as needed, and contact the producer quickly and directly.

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