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Looking for professional rap beats for sale? You’ve come to
the right place. luke4pres has everything from trap beats to drill beats to
boom bap beats to R&B Beats. With us, you are sure to find a beat that
suits your musical tastes. Simply refer to the beat licensing info section on
our homepage to see which lease option will be best for your needs. Our
affordable licenses include a comprehensive range of usage rights, so whether
you’re opening up Pro Tools for the first time, or getting ready to drop your
fourth album, we got you covered.

Trap Beats

A subgenre of hip hop, trap beats combine bass and kick
sounds together with melodic riffs, shuffling hi hats, and processed vocals. A
perfect way to create this sound is to purchase and download trap beats from us
at luke4pres. With our beats, you can easily create that signature
Atlanta-style sound. We update our beat catalog regularly so be sure to check

Drill Beats

A type of trap music that started in early 2010 in South
Side, Chicago, songs with drill beats are characterized by their violent,
nihilistic, and dark lyrics as well as ominous sounding instrumentals. Many of
the artists in this genre have been famous for this type of lyricism. From
there, the music has expanded to other parts of the world, mainly New York and
the United Kingdom. At luke4pres, experience NY/UK style drill beats, and enjoy
the aggressive vibes. We have a strong list of beats from this subgenre.

Boom Bap Beats

Boom bap beats are often characterized by scratched hooks or
scratching to some extent. In a more complex analysis of the sound produced by
this type of beat, it is more of a loop of quarter notes. It originated during
the golden age of hip hop which took place from the late 1980s to the early
1990s and became prominent on the East Coast. The name was derived from the
frequent use of bass and snare drum together. At luke4pres, you will surely
enjoy the rhythms of this classic hip hop subgenre. Just choose from the beats
and licenses that we offer.

R&B Beats

Rhythm and blues, or R&B, is a popular music genre that
originated in the 1940s in African American Communities. Through the years, the
genre has evolved into different forms, incorporating various beats that make
them more appealing to the current generation. If you are into making R&B
music, luke4pres Beats can help expand your talent. Choose a lease type and
download your R&B beats to produce that emotional sound that people will
surely enjoy.

Why Choose luke4pres

Throughout the years, Luke has worked with professional
artists – from rappers to singers and songwriters. Founding luke4pres has
opened more doors for us, and within a short period of time, we have already
achieved so much. We have surpassed over a million streams on Beatstars as of
April 2021. We release up to five new beats weekly.

If you would like to find out more about our
beats for sales and what we do at luke4pres, visit our beat