Radio Ready Instrumentals

luke4pres offers professional hip-hop, rap, and trap beats for sale or lease. Over the years, we have worked with numerous artists from various music backgrounds by providing them with quality beats to put together exceptional songs. If you are looking for premium sounds for your personal or commercial recordings, get in touch with us for beat leasing options, exclusive rights pricing, and custom beat inquiries.

About Radio Ready Instrumentals

Radio ready instrumentals are sounds that are worthy of being aired on the radio. Tracks that fall under this category are highly competitive, whether they are broadcast as a major label hit or an independent release. A sequence of complex steps needs to be taken before a high-quality radio ready sound can be released. The steps involved are comprehensive to ensure only the best beats get delivered to radio listeners. A certain level of standard needs to be adhered to before a sound can be categorized as radio ready.

How are Radio Ready Instrumentals Created?

Radio ready instrumentals basically start off by professionally mixing the beats before a series of steps like prep, balance, and more, are incorporated. Session prepping allows you to mix your sounds quickly depending on how organized you are. Any mess of your audio files can also be avoided at this stage.

Balancing your mix is the most crucial step to nail a radio ready sound. This stage involves keeping your mix moves accurate to avoid inferior sounds from being heard at loud volumes. Start by setting your monitors at conversation level so as to allow your details to be heard clearly even at a low volume.

Next is the compression process whereby the dynamics of an instrument get leveled out to get the tones shaped accordingly. Compression helps make sounds more consistent and cohesive for a whole new level of excitement.

What are the Differences between Radio Ready Instrumentals versus Spotify Solid?

Spotify Solid songs may not be as competitive as radio ready sounds, but they are just as high-quality and refined. Spotify Solid music can still sound good even without going through the comprehensive track processing steps. Spotify Solid is accessible to a greater audience as its songs do not need to gain approval before being aired on the radio. Additionally, songs from Spotify Solid may gain higher exposure due to the popularity of the digital platform in comparison to the radio.

Why Choose luke4pres Beats?

luke4pres has an extensive catalog of beats from different hip hop subgenres to cater to the varying needs of the market. Our selection of instrumentals is consistently growing with at least 3 to 5 new beats per week to accommodate the rising demand of artists from various music backgrounds. The prices we set for our leases and exclusive rights are always competitive without ever compromising the quality of the music. As of April 2021, luke4pres has surpassed a total of 1 million streams on Beatstars, making him one of the leading providers of premium beats.

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