How To Set Up Your Verified Spotify Artist Page

Having a verified Spotify artist page is more than just publicity and having a blue tick beside your profile. It also allows you to have access to profile control and additional features such as viewing stream statistics for your top 200 songs.

Being verified can also help to promote your music and aids in capturing the attention of other music artists and playlist curators, influencers and help you in growing your fanbase. Here are the following steps to set up and verify your Spotify page.

Uploading Your Music

Spotify does not allow artists to upload their songs directly and thus to upload your songs onto Spotify you have to do so through a digital distributor. You could also sign with a record company that will be responsible for uploading your music from the distributor they work with. However, you have to remember that the more intermediaries you employ and work with for your music to be uploaded to Spotify, the less money you have for yourself. This is because the benefits and profits generated from the uploading of your songs would have to be divided amongst all of them.

You can also work with digital distributors which will allow you to host your music on numerous streaming platforms and virtual stores. These platforms include Google Play, SoundCloud, Amazon Music, and Apple Music. You are only required to sign up with one digital distributor and upload your album or single in a high-quality format such as FLAC or WAC, label the release date, cover picture in JPG and fill in other data such as year of composition, artist name, and label.

Although you have to pay a monthly or annual fee to receive all the benefits generated by your music in its entirety, the process is generally simple and inexpensive. Some of the more popular digital distributors are The Orchard, Record Union, Ditto Music, and CD Baby.

Verified Artist Page on Spotify

To verify your artist page on Spotify, you first have to ensure that your music has already been released before applying for Spotify verification. Afterward, access Spotify for artists through the following link artists.spotify.com. Once you have reached the page, click on ‘Get Access’ and ‘Continue’. Proceed to search and locate your name and log in with your account. After claiming your profile, follow the steps which have been listed out.

The process has been designed to make it simple, intuitive, and efficient for you to get verified. During the process, bear in mind that your Spotify profile will also have to be linked to your social media accounts such as Twitter and Instagram, and your website. This is a necessary prerequisite to verify your identity. Once done, the Spotify team will assess your request and contact you within 3 days. If the process is successful, you will receive an email notification that allows you to log in to the Spotify for Artists page. Upon authentication, you can start managing your profile and you now have set up your verified Spotify artist page.