How To Get Your Mixtape Noticed & Heard On SoundCloud

SoundCloud is a platform that helps singers and music artists to find their first audience and launch their careers. It is the biggest and most important online community which gives independent artists the tools and space they require for self-music promotion. However, just streaming your music on SoundCloud and hoping for the best isn’t a winning strategy.

If you want to promote your mixtape on SoundCloud, you have to understand how to utilize the different tools available on SoundCloud to effectively amplify your project and expand your reach. You should ideally aim for a cross-platform, multi-pronged strategy that can make you visible on SoundCloud. Here are some of our tips to getting your mixtape noticed and heard on SoundCloud.

Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool that can expand your reach in the online domain and project your music to a far greater audience. It is therefore important to have a coordinated and cohesive social media strategy if you want your music to perform better on SoundCloud. An example would be uploading your music to SoundCloud, developing your visual brand through Instagram, releasing musical videos or production on YouTube, and getting personal with and knowing your fans through Twitter.

These will help to expand your fan base and allow your listeners to follow you across different platforms and streams. Because SoundCloud may be limited in its customer reach, having musical videos on YouTube and a great visual brand on Instagram may attract more listeners and followers to listen to your music on SoundCloud.

You can therefore leverage the power and reach of social media to get your mixtape noticed and heard. For Instagram, you could continuously post about your music work and share new songs via Instagram stories or Instagram live to get the traffic flowing to SoundCloud.

Share Your Music

If you want to make the most out of SoundCloud, then it is important that you also repost songs or mixes that you are excited about and always listen to. By sharing about other artists, you are also helping to promote their music and letting your followers and listeners discover new musical genres and songs.

This is not just a humble move but may also open the path for collaboration, gigs, and partnerships with other artists. Because SoundCloud is an online music community, you should always show your support for other artists and promote good community values. There is also a chance that your music may be shared by other artists. It is important to build a community that you want to belong to and be a part of. Sharing and acknowledging other artists’ music will also help to promote your work.

Change Settings

There are some settings you can change in your SoundCloud account to boost your listenership or send traffic away to other music platforms such as Spotify. One of the settings you can change would be to set your content to stream only. This would limit your music’s virality and block your listeners and followers from downloading the songs and re-uploading them across the internet or on different platforms. You can also add a ‘Buy’ link when your track has been uploaded and add other links such as ‘Buy on iTunes’ to help sell your music online.