How To Get Your First 5000 Soundcloud Followers

How To Get Your First 5000 Soundcloud Followers

As an upcoming musician, you might be very interested in how you can build your Soundcloud following. While Soundcloud is a great way to make your music popular, it is also a very crowded platform with many musicians jostling for the attention of the same audience. This means that musicians, even those with great music, sometimes get lost in this confusion. The good news is that for musicians, there are approaches that you can use to get your first 5000 Soundcloud followers. Here are some tried and tested tips.

Use Available Resources

There are a number of online resources that can help you get the exposure that you are looking for. For example, soundcloudfollowers.org is a site that enables you to create follow-to-download gateways. This is designed to help you trade downloading gateways with beneficial social media activities such as likes, followers, and re-posting. This means that you grow the number of your followers while at the same time allowing the public to sample your work. You will also be glad to know that the process of setting up such gateways is quick and easy.

Another great way is to ensure you always have new content by purchasing beats online. This saves you production time and ensures a quick turnaround for your music.

Minimize Paid Publicity

Many artists often opt to pay for likes or reposts, While this can be a viable tool to build followers, it more often than not is likely to backfire. This is because experienced users on the site can detect when a song is artificially hyped. For example, a song that has numerous plays and very few likes is often a red flag as this is unlikely to happen naturally.

Find Other Platforms

One of the best ways to publicize your music and get followers on Soundcloud is to set up collaborations with bloggers. Many people read music blogs in order to know what is going on in the world of their favorite musicians. This means that being featured in these blogs can be great for your brand. Since these bloggers typically get submissions from many musicians, you will have to do some extra work to get their attention. The good news however is that these bloggers are always looking for new material and so you can offer a great opportunity for engagement.

Do Your Research

There is a tendency among musicians to target popular blogs and ignore smaller bloggers. This approach can be counterproductive for two reasons. The first is that these bloggers are likely to be receiving numerous submissions and may not notice what you have shared with them for consideration. The second factor is that these big bloggers are rarely niched and so you will find that the number of people among their followers who love your kind of music may actually be very low. The trick then is to research among music bloggers on the ones who write specifically about your kind of music. Not only are you able to get more followers this way but you may also find it easier to get their attention.