What Happens If You Lease A Beat Then The Song Blows Up?

What Happens If You Lease A Beat Then The Song Blows Up?

Every artist who leases a beat is probably hoping that their song becomes a big hit. Let’s say this does indeed happen.  Then what? Before answering this question, it might be useful for us to first understand the terms that typically come with leased beats.

Leasing a Beat

When you lease a beat from an online producer, you will usually get the non-exclusive use of the beat for a defined period of time. What the non-exclusive terms mean here is that other people can lease or purchase the same beat even while your lease term is still on. This only comes to an end when someone purchases the exclusive rights to a beat. This then means that when all the lease contracts expire, they can’t be renewed again. 

So what happens when your song goes big?

Purchase Exclusive Rights

When your song goes big, you do not want to be tied up by all the limiting conditions around leased beats. The smart thing to do is to get in touch with the original producer and negotiate some good terms around an exclusive license. This gives you the freedom to sell your music as well as negotiate other deals around the music. The earlier that you do this, the better prepared you will be to reap the benefits of your new stardom. It also protects you in case someone purchases the exclusive rights of the beats thus forcing you to negotiate with them.  

Other Artistes 

When it comes to other people who have leased the same beat, you may be wondering if they have a claim to your song. The answer is no as their lease contracts remain unchanged. When their contract periods end, they would have to renegotiate new lease terms, assuming that you have not already purchased the exclusive terms. If you have, then they no longer have any claim to the beat.

Why Leasing A Beat Makes Sense

If you are an up-and-coming artist, it may be a great idea to lease beats for your music. Leasing a beat gives you the ability to commercialize your music, allowing you to earn some money at this critical stage of your career. Even though your ability to commercialize your leased beat will be guided by the terms and conditions of the contract, you have a lot of flexibility around the issue. Once you have made some good music and you feel you would like to take it to the next stage, you can easily negotiate for an exclusive license, allowing you full reign on the music that you produce. Finally, leasing a rap beat enables you to vary the music that you produce. At this point in your career, you get to feel how different beats flow and this enables you to identify niches that you are good at. 

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