Your Questions About Custom Beats Answered

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We resonate with quality music in the deepest parts of our being. However, no one likes listening to dull, repetitive beats that aren’t creative and personalized. The way to attract people to your music is with custom beats. However, you may have many questions about custom beats that are stopping you from crafting that killer track. At luke4pres, we aim to answer some of the potential questions you may have.

Are Custom Beats Really Unique?

A custom beat is highly personalized to your preferences and project needs. The competition to produce an award-winning song or soundtrack is tough and calls for greater innovation and creativity. It’s not difficult to realize that other competing artists out there may have a similar, or worse, the same beat as you. To stay on top of the competition, you need a beat that is highly unique to create the perfect song. You don’t have to settle for anything less when you go for a custom beat.

Custom beats, however, can take a long time to make. We know you are busy so you may be better off buying a custom beat online, saving you time. In the music world, time is money and at luke4pres, we answer your every question about custom beats to ensure you get the most bang for your buck.

Custom beats also ensure that the beat fits your genre. Whether you’re looking for hip-hop or rap beats, your best bet to finding your perfect beat is to customize it.

Help comes in the form of a custom beat expert to ensure every beat suits your tastes and brings out the inner artistry of your musical craft.

What Are the Custom Beats Licensing Rights?

Most people’s questions about custom beats revolve around licensing. You’ll be glad to know that custom beats come with an exclusive license. This means that you can use it any way you like. The sky’s the limit: exclusive licenses allow you unlimited downloads and streams as well. The best part? The custom beat belongs to you and you, alone! No other artist can claim your custom beat as theirs, unless they purchase their own custom beat.

To put it in context, there are non-exclusive licensing rights that impose a limit on how you can use the song in accordance with the licensing rights agreement. Once the cap is reached, you will need to renew your licensing right all over again. Non-exclusive licensing rights also mean that the beat doesn’t belong to you. This may be challenging as it may also mean that other artists are using that beat too. If you want to get ahead of the originality of the game, non-exclusive licensing rights may not be your best option.

Why Choose luke4pres?

At luke4pres, we believe that every music artist has a unique identity and message to send through their music. Identity must come with exclusivity and that is only possible with custom beats. We are available to answer any questions about custom beats, so contact us to discover how to create the perfect custom beat.