How To Book Music Gigs Without An Agent

If you are a solo artist or are part of a music band looking to conduct live performances and shows but do not wish to do so through an agent, then you have come to the right place. This guide aims to provide you with the necessary advice and information to book gigs without an agent.

There are numerous reasons you may wish to do so, such as the fact that an agent’s fees could take up a large chunk of your salary, or maybe because you prefer the freedom and flexibility of choosing your venue and finding the desired location.

Engage with Other Artists and Clubs

Are there any other like-minded artists who also wish to perform and book gigs without an agent? Perhaps you can collaborate with them or look out for DJs or musicians who play regularly at the local pub or bar. In this way, you can bring more customers together to the venue and there is a higher chance that you would be able to secure a place to perform. It is also important to engage and get to know different artists and share their posts, songs, and comment.

By keeping an active social media profile and getting to know different artists as well as supporting them, they would be more likely to do the same for you and help you. This also helps in the promotion and publicity of your music and work. Don’t be shy about giving them support and sharing their music or mixes with your fan base.

Another option would be to frequent local clubs and bars that you are interested in booking gigs. Get to know the team working there and the various artists and build a good relationship and rapport with them. If you frequent these places regularly and get to know the bar owner and members, there is a good chance they may allow you to perform. Remember, it never hurts to form good relationships with others and extend your hospitality to service members and other artists.

Create a Website

One of the popular alternatives for booking gigs without an agent is to create your website. This allows other artists, venues, and people to contact you if they have places for you to perform at. Your website can also be a platform for you to showcase your biography, music aspirations and for people to listen to your music.

The key point is to expand your online presence as much as possible and creating a website helps to do this, with the other being social media. You are also able to post about your achievements and previous performances or gigs on your website. The information published on your website should be simple and detailed such that organizers, venue owners, or booking agents would feel excited upon reading your biography or watching your videos and will contact you. You should also add a call to action on your website and aim to drive traffic to your website so that it will get more viewers.