How Much Does An Industry-Based Producer Charge In 2021?

How Much Does an Industry Based Producer Charge in 2021

When looking for the right person to bring the vision of your song to life, a question you may have is how much an industry-based producer charges. Since this task on top of your creative responsibilities may get overwhelming, we have compiled tips on finding the producer you need.

What Is a Producer and What Do They Do?

By the traditional definition, a producer in the music industry is someone who guides, manages, and oversees the process of recording and producing a song. All the music you know and love exists only because they have gone through the same production process, no matter how popular or underground the songs are. The day-to-day of a producer involves assisting an artist with their recording project, bringing their vision to fruition, and guiding them to achieve their desired sound along the way. 

Because music production is technical and creative, this profession requires well-developed listening skills, a deep musical knowledge, a good handle on recording technology, as well as an effective leadership and project management skills. All of these are factored into how much an industry-based producer charges.

What Do Industry-Based Producers Charge For?

Music producers’ contract terms can vary considerably. The answer to this question depends on a variety of factors – their skills, the level of the producer’s experience, network strength, the quality of their productions, and even the genre of music. However, there are a few generalities. Based on research, industry-based producers generally charge a range of $200 and $35,000 for a song, on top of 20% to 25% of royalties as well as recording fees.

Newer producers without a big reputation can charge up to $3,500 per song, while for mid-level producers, the range is increased to $3,500 to $7,000 per song. Finally, if a producer’s name carries weight in the music industry, they could charge up to $15,000 per song. 

Justifying the Charge of Industry-Based Producers 

One of the biggest factors that contributes to a producer’s price is the amount of work they’ve done with notable artists. If they have worked with Maroon 5, chances are they’ll charge more than the guy who produced an album for your local band. Their pricing also includes the cost of an audio engineer or performers, if required. 

Keep in mind that a higher price may not necessarily translate to higher quality work. There could be someone who really knows what they’re doing but hasn’t had the opportunity to work with a big name. Don’t underestimate the potential of such producers. Many decent producers will also charge a lower price because it usually means more business. The best bet is finding a producer who is currently undervalued and is looking to expand their portfolio. What you receive in return may be a really great product! Most importantly, have a listen through their works and ask yourself: “Do their tracks sound like what I want to sound like?”

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