Ways Social Media Can Improve Your Career As An Artist

Ways Social Media Can Improve Your Career As An Artist

In a world full of musicians competing for a spot on listeners’ playlists, possessing a robust social media presence can be your most powerful asset and make all the difference. These digital platforms are here to stay, so taking advantage of social media for artists should be a priority.

The Potential of Social Media for Artists

In this digital age, people are increasingly turning to the internet for exposure. Over a decade ago, the internet started picking up artists online, and this was how Justin Bieber was discovered. Bieber used YouTube to market his skills by posting videos of himself singing in his living room when a record executive manager came upon his channel by chance and put him on a path to pop superstardom. He was the first ‘big’ musician to get discovered through YouTube, and since then, artists similarly started getting worldwide recognition with a click of a button and a few hundred views – namely Carly Rae Jepsen, Charlie Puth, and Shawn Mendes.

Currently, social media platforms have become much more advanced than they were even just five years ago, giving artists a chance to take their careers even further.

Fostering Loyalty through Social Media for Artists

Besides using these platforms to promote your music, the next essential activity for artists is building a relationship with audiences by giving them a taste of your personality. The most crucial thing to understand is your audience wants to learn more about you – not your manager or marketing team. Whether or not you get help putting out content, you should be the leading force of presenting your content in the way you envision. 

Behind-the-scenes of your day-to-day as an artist is interesting content for viewers who aren’t in the music industry. This creates a sense of shared experiences and makes you more relatable to your audiences, which keeps them coming back for more. By staying in a consistent cycle of posting updates and allowing your audience to speak to you, you’ll create a personal connection that will later be incredibly invaluable to the promotion of your music.

Other Benefits of Social Media for Artists

Host a live stream, do countdown posts, and repost stories of people sharing your song! Not only will you be able to get feedback on what you’re doing right or wrong and foster a sense of loyalty in the long run, but you will also be more likely to cross paths with other like-minded creatives around the world, which is priceless for artists. The more interactions and experiences artists have with the world, the more their craft is influenced and strengthened. The exposure to other creatives’ works and the artists themselves will also allow you to grow your thoughts, building creative ideas unique to you and your experiences.

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