Tips For Selling Merch Online As An Artist

Tips for Selling Merch Online As An Artist

As an artist, creating and selling your merch online shouldn’t only be regarded as a fun way to connect with fans, but also as an indispensable aspect of your business. It’s an excellent method of creating a bond between yourself and your fans and allowing them to bring a piece of you home.

Approach to Selling Merch Online

Before you start selling your merch online, you must have these considerations checked off:

  • Ensuring your branding and logo are completed
    The last thing you want is to sell something you don’t enjoy being associated with. As the music and fashion industries are becoming increasingly entwined, branding for artists is taking on a whole new meaning. Instead of wanting a t-shirt with an artist’s face, fans want to wear a personality. Ask yourself when brainstorming your identity – who inspires you, how do you want to make people feel, and what are you trying to express through your music?
  • Defining your target audience
    The design of your logo is too essential to leave up to chance. Post polls on your website, newsletters, and social media to figure out what fans want. An audience of young girls devour bracelets or tote bags, but an audience of men in their 40s? Not so much. Listening to what your fans have to say is key. While being unique and creative is great, performing some market research simultaneously won’t hurt to see what other artists have had success selling.
  • Design
    To bring your brand identity to life, your next step is solidifying its visual representation. Go for simple designs, consistent color palettes, and minimal typography for a general aesthetic that is still highly distinguishable. 

Selling Your Merch Online

If you’d like total control over your online store, your best bet is directly selling on a website of your own. Not only can you control the website design, but you’ll also be able to rotate your merch to your advantage and keep fans engaged. Another crucial consideration is to keep your page as clean and well-designed as possible to allow for ease of navigation, as a page that’s too messy will only lead to a potential buyer feeling confused and simply leaving.

Do stay on top of tracking your sales, too! How else would you know what’s selling and what’s not? It will provide important insights into how much your fanbase is growing, as well as their consumer habits.

Marketing Your Merch

Creating engaging content will help you rise in visibility, leading to an increase in sales. Use your websites, blogs, social media platforms, and email lists to your advantage in promoting your merch together with your music. To get started, try dropping limited-edition goods, and then using videos to promote them. 

If you’re collaborating with others for marketing, dare to explore extremes on the creative spectrum and experiment along the way. This is great for gathering real-life data and insights into what works and what doesn’t for selling your merch.

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