Instant Delivery

luke4pres has a massive selection of hip-hop, trap, and rap beats, all of which are reasonably priced. Our collection is growing every week so as to better satisfy the diverse musical interests of both aspiring and professional artists. luke4pres provides outstanding support to all clients to ensure that they can gain access to the right resources for their music. We are constantly updating our setup to fit the needs of each of our clients. In addition to providing sound adjustments to assist our clients achieve the exact harmony for their recordings, luke4pres also offers instant delivery of our beats. Upon completion, each beat order can be accessed at the order summary page with the respective download links. The buyer will also receive the links through their email, which can be used to download the purchased beats for an unlimited number of times.

Instant Delivery

luke4pres strives to provide excellent customer service for every client, both new and existing. This allows us to stay current in the music industry to provide exactly what our clients’ music needs. Our beats are constantly updated and ready for immediate downloading. This allows artists to find the exact beats to complement their soundtracks anywhere, anytime. Thus far, we have worked with a range of artists who have given us their full trust. This allows us to step up our game to remain relevant in today’s competitive music industry.

How is luke4pres Different?

At luke4pres Beats, we pay great attention to the smallest of details to ensure we provide outstanding customer service to our clients. In order to remain relevant in a rapidly changing music industry, we add new beats to our catalog every week. Our beats are built up of the latest trends to keep our clients’ soundtracks fresh and applicable to their particular genre. In all, we have worked with a wide spectrum of artists from various musical backgrounds, and each client has placed their full trust in us thanks to our credible reputation. Professionalism is essential for us to be able to maintain our competitive edge and win our clients over. We hope to easily attain more downloads through the loyalty of our current clients who continue to show us strong support.

Why Choose luke4pres Beats?

By mixing different genres and styles, luke4pres is able to offer beats that are well-suited for a variety of artists from different backgrounds. The beats produced by luke4pres are available on our beat store for immediate downloading to provide convenient and easy access. As we regularly produce three to five new beats weekly, we can fulfill the increasing demand of musical artists to ensure new alternatives are made available to them every week. Even at affordable pricing, the quality of our beats is never compromised to deliver the most value. According to April 2021 data from Beatstars, luke4pres has accumulated over one million streams, making us one of the leading music producers sought for our smooth sounds that can cater to a variety of sophisticated musical preferences.

If you would like to find out more about the instant delivery of our beats and what we do at luke4pres, check out our beat store today!